Website technical support

Website technical support

Why do you need website technical support?

Are you a happy owner of a website or is your website still under development? Perhaps you are only planning to order a website for your business? No matter which category you are currently in, but you should to know that you need a website technical support.

For a successful business on the Internet your website must be “healthy”. The website should always be accessible and workable, protected from external attacks and contain up-to-date content. That’s why there are technical support staff in web studios and freelancers like me. At the moment, companies with whom I work together are support by more than 200 different websites. Periodically I do their maintenance: updating, re-design, filling with new content, updating WordPress and plugins, fixing various bugs, optimizing, etc. If you have a website and need a professional website technical support – contact to me and we’ll discuss our partnerships.

Technical support

Technical support is a guarantee of the progress of your online business. “Unhealthy” website is not able to bring the desired results! The best way to cure the disease is to prevent its appearance. Technical support will save from viruses and spam, prevent hacking and blocking of the resource, in time will warn about the need to extend the hosting or domain. Do you want to add a new pages or change an old? Need to increase the page speed of your website? Order the website technical support and sleep peacefully! My hourly rate is $25, but we can agree and cheaper if we sign a contract for a long term. Contact me and we’ll discuss our partnerships. If you decide to use my services – you made the right choice! My prices are more than adequate and the quality of the highest level!

Do not miss the customers!

Imagine the situation. You invested in the promotion of your website. User opens it and sees this picture: the pages load painfully long, some images are not loaded at all, important elements of the service are working incorrectly… The logical end is that the user will close this website and will not go on it any more. But this is still half the trouble, because theweb site in such cases also loses its position to the search issue.

As a result, the money invested in development and promotion is wasted. Do not let this happen! It’s not easy to attract and retain a client and it is almost impossible to return a disappointed person.

What is included in the website technical support?

Avoid troubles and failures will not be able to anyone, be sure of it. These can be virus attacks, server failures, non-professional content managers etc. Website technical support is regular monitoring of operability and operative elimination of malfunctions.

List of works included in the technical support:

  • Daily site availability check
  • Backup
  • Virus scan
  • Monitoring and eliminating technical errors
  • Checking the broken links
  • Updating/adding content
  • Working with the specialists of the hosting provider
  • Monitoring the correctness of feedback forms
  • Any work on re-design or website development
  • Consultation on all matters relating to the operation of your site

In today’s world, a successful website constantly needs to be updated and developed. A website that is not followed by a qualified specialist starts to deliver problems and ceases to generate revenue. Do you need this???