Website development prices

Website development prices

“Why do you have such a website development prices? I talked with other freelancers and they offered cheaper.. “

Website development prices. Why are the prices so different?

Website development prices is individual for each project and can range from $300 and up to infinity. In this article I’ll try to tell you how the development cost is formed.

The main pricing factor lies in the time spent on development – research, prototyping, design creation, website creation (backend, frontend), testing, launching, promotion, support. The image to this post shows two cars, a cheap Zhiguli and prestigious Ferrari. This is not without reason, because the website development can be compared with the production of cars. In the production of these cars, different approaches are used. Zhiguli – cheap raw materials, outdated equipment and low-level employees. Ferrari is the VIP brand – raw materials, employees, equipment, build quality – all at the highest level.

Good developer (or web studio) will offer you not just to create a website, but also help to form a general concept, a unique and intuitive design and strategy for promoting your brand.

About the website development prices.

Let’s consider what prices for the website development you can find and what I would personally offer for this money:

  • From $300 to $600. There are studios that promise a unique design and additional functionality for this money. Do not believe it! For this money, the maximum that can be obtained is a template solution. I’ll explain why. First, a good designer rates is not least $25 per hour. Create a good unique design in a few hours is impossible. Next, we take web studio costs for renting a room, paying bills for light, water, staff costs, etc. The work of a good developer is also worth the money and not less than the designer. For $300- $600 a website can only be created by a freelancer. The scheme of the work is simple. Freelancer or client buys a template for $50- $90. Next is the deployment of the template on the client’s hosting, domain binding, coding, re-designing, content filling. If you have a limited budget – this is what you need!
  • From $600 to $1200. If you expect to invest in this amount, there will be no problems with finding a developer. Web-studio will offer a template adapted for your company. Freelancers can offer to create both a unique design and a template solution, adapted for you. The website will be created on one of the free content management systems (CMS), for example WordPress. For this amount, you can be sure that the site will be functional and will have additional functionality. You can be sure of the availability of additional modules: a basket, a feedback form, a purchase order module, binding of payment systems, filling with basic content (10-15 pages). Freelancers are happy to work with such a budget.
  • From $1200 to $4000. This is one of the most popular website development prices. You can count on a thorough analysis of the niche and competitors, well-designed website structure, unique design and quality code. Also be sure that the website will meet all modern development requirements, which will certainly help in its promotion. Developed such a website is likely to be on one of the popular CMS, not necessarily free. Do not count on the individual development of the website management system. Most web studios and rating freelancers likes such price – the choice of the developer will not be easy. When choosing a developer, carefully review its portfolio and supported services.
  • From $4000. Such a website will be completely unique, with the implementation of any necessary functionality, with a unique website management system (if necessary), with the most friendly and understandable interface. Such websites are guaranteed to fulfill its goal! To implement such a project, contact either those who have the team or in the web studio.


In short: the higher the quality, the higher the price.

I understand that not everyone has a lot of money but company needs a website. My advice – remove all unnecessary from your TOR, leave only the most necessary. Start with a Landing Page or a small business website. But in the future, with the growth of your business, certainly raise the level of the website. Design is the face of your company. Show the clients that you respect them!

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