I’m a freelancer and I hate summer

I'm a freelancer and I hate summer

I’m a freelancer, it’s now morning and I realized that I hate summer. The bright summer sun shines on my keyboard, beautiful singing of birds forces to reduce the volume in the headphones, and the desire to drink a cold beer does not leave my sleepy brain.

Summer is when the awakened son says the first morning phrase: “Daddy, are we going for a walk? Are we already going?” Only the phrase “I will accept any of your positive answers” is missing.

I like to work, but in summer there is a feeling that everything around me is pressing on me and causing me not to work. I say to myself: “Bogdan, assemble yourself!” A bad way to tune me), because after this speech to myself usually there is a second “I” or my baby and both start talking about a walk.

How does a freelancer can like summer? My first freelance summer passed in a state of utter chaos and constant frustration. Now I’m experienced and I intend to take advantage of all the delights of summer in full!

The impetus for writing this post was another sunny day and an article recently read by me. I’m sitting on the bench of the stadium and looks how my son ride on a bicycle. I would like to share with all freelancers how I do my job qualitatively on summer.

How I work in the summer.

Just want to warn that my methods will not suit everyone – this is my own summer schedule.

I wake up usually early, from 6 to 8. I do not know why and it does not matter what time I fell asleep. The only exception may be if I had crazy party yestarday… After this parties I can sleep all day, but for this there is a weekend.

My baby is still asleep, which means I need to do urgent tasks that I can’t do with him. In summer, usually i haven’t many projects. If I haven’t any projects I do what I want: reading books, dreaming, work on my own projects, write to a blog, read the news of the IT world, take care of myrself… In general, the morning should be productive! In the morning my brain works on 100%. I can not waste this time on bullshit.

After an effective 2-3 hours of work, it’s time for my little boss. Morning procedures, breakfast, pampering, walking. Whan the heat comes we can hold our time in different ways. Continue walkingk, watching TV at home, play games, etc. The ideal option – to put my baby to sleep and work 2-3 hours. This time will be productive because brains and body are rested.

The heat slowly goes away, my son wakes up, which means it’s time to rest actively! There are a lot of options: sunbathing, playing in the sandbox, playing with the ball, riding the attractions, having dinner in a restaurant, going on a scooter or cycling, goes to the village…

When we return home – the third phase of the working day starts. This phase can be different, depending on the tasks and when my LITTLE BOSS goes to spleep. Not the best time for difficult tasks! If possible, it is better to postpone them until morning.

Such a schedule is only permissible if there are no urgent and complex projects!

Freelancer, assemble!

I did not just write about urgent projects, because they make me hate summer. What to do if you have a large project with clearly limited deadlines and the need for constant discussions with the customer?

  1. Set a schedule for yourself, having previously agreed with the customer. For the duration of this project, you are no longer a freelancer, but an office employee. The only difference is that you can do your work anywhere – on the beach, in a cafe, lying on a sofa, etc. It’s good to be a freelancer! Limit 6-8 hours with a mandatory long break and intermittent short ones. If there is an opportunity to spend your breaks in the air – there is an excellent weather and it will certainly raise your spirits and give additional motivation. As a result, you should get about 6 really effective working hours, which is the norm.
  2. Make a work plan. Divide the project into parts and try to specify the time intervals for each stage. This will certainly help you.
  3. Try to work on the method Pomodoro – time management method, which breaks the work into 25-minute intervals, separated by short breaks (3-5 minutes). The method is simple, but very effective! Here’s a good timer: https://tomato-timer.com/
  4. Do not be distracted by any nonsense like TV or talking on the phone, social networks, talking with loved ones, etc.
  5. You are a freelancer, and not slobbery, remember this!

These 5 points are good throughout the year, and not just in the summer. Love the summer, love what you do and success will certainly be with you!

My boy woke up but decided not to stop me from finishing this post. I love him very much!!!

How do you work in summer?