How I created this website?

How I created this website

How I created this website? – this post is about first version of my web designer portfolio website, this is third))

Why do I need this site?

I love money, lots of money, all the money should be mine. I want to buy a rocket and fly to the moon. I want to buy the moon. In fact, I’m just a greedy man, who decided that a personal website will solve the perennial problem of lack of money. Just kidding…
The purpose of this site – to enable my potential customers to get acquainted with my work and form an opinion of me as a person, the developer and web designer.


Recently, I did not have much time, so for a few weeks during the break I was looking through a portfolio of other freelancers and tried to create the concept for my website. I have seen some incredible works and some terrible websites. But still I was able to clearly understand what kind of site I developed for myself:

  1. I love minimalism. So my website is not be overloaded with unneeded UI elements.
  2. I am a patriot of my country, which is experiencing hard times. I need to show it.
  3. I do not like when the website has a lot of superfluous text, no one likes it.
  4. I like a flat design.
  5. We live in the 21st century, which means that the website must be a fully responsive. Mobile version of the website should not be overloaded with images for fast loading.
  6. My website should not be such as the ones I’ve seen. So I need to stand out.
  7. I like the vector graphics. I can’t draw then I need to turn to someone who can.
  8. Since this is a personal portfolio website it should not be overloaded with functionality, because I need to build only static pages.
  9. My English is not so good as I would like, so I need to talk a little.
  10. Recently I met the UNISON framework and need to hone the skills for myself.


It took quite a bit of time, because I already knew that I was going to do. I picked up a pen, quickly drew on the paper and for the confidence and beauty, I repeated the procedure in Balsamiq mockup.

Site development

First, I created a markup of the site (only HTML+CSS). For this, I used a Twitter Bootstrap grid. When the markup was ready, I started to create my theme in WordPress. Of course, I could develop without it, but I decided to get acquainted with the UNISON framework, so this was the best solution. I helped to myself twice. I created a website and learned something new:)
With the framework, I easily created a new post type – portfolio. And just as easily, I created templates for all page types: page, blog, portfolio, single page.

I created a theme exclusively for myself, I decided to do not complicate my life:) For pages, I created a template section which contains the title, subtitle, and my face. For this content, I created a custom field type that can easily be filled in the admin area.
I also created a few custom field types to enter the name of classes and id. This is done with the purpose of coloring the background in the desired color.

Actually, it’s all:)
P.S. Dear customers, please contact me, I will get in touch with you during the day.